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Professional and collegiate coaches, trainers, and medical professionals use Sparta Science to help speed recovery and improve performance to build winning teams while protecting their most valuable athletic assets - players.

“The Sparta Software provides very simple-to-view graphical information and allows us to easily compare athletes and also look at trends.”


MD Head Physician & Orthopedic Surgeon, University of Pennsylvania

“We can look at different parameters in Sparta and see the profiles that place a person in risk. We have the ability then to put in place a program to appropriately minimize that risk.”

"With Sparta, we know exactly their readiness and certain body parts that are weak. Therefore we can address those needs and keep our guys on the floor because it helps prevent injuries."


Head Coach, University of Kansas Basketball

Case Study

The University of Kansas strength coaches were looking for an objective way to prescribe specific, individual exercises to the athletes in their programs. 

All Access Jayhawks


Former High Performance Director, Cleveland Cavaliers

How it Works




Validated scientific assessments determine an athlete's strengths and weaknesses.

Validated prescriptions are tailored to each athlete to reduce injury and improve performance.

The Sparta Software compares an athlete's results to our robust database and delivers actionable insights.

The Sparta Scan™️

The Sparta System includes force plate hardware coupled with Sparta Scan software that enables quick assessment of a patient’s movement and balance. 

The Jump Scan is a validated movement assessment that measures force production from a vertical jump. The 60-second scan creates a patient report with a Sparta Score and a visual Movement Signature: LOAD, EXPLODE and DRIVE.


The Balance Scan assesses an individual’s static stability on the Left and Right legs. 

Performed while the patient is blindfolded and balancing on one leg, the balance scan determines if an individual is at an increased risk of injury, re-injury or physically able to progress in rehabilitation.


The Plank Scan is a reliable assessment of an individual’s static stability on the Left and Right arms. This determines if an individual is at an increased risk of re-injury or physically able to progress in rehabilitation.

A resilient individual shows sufficient static stability in both medial-lateral and anterior-posterior planes, which helps to protect from injury.


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