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Phil's passion for helping athletes prolong their sports career, teams reduce injury rates and patients return to the top of their game is fueled by his personal journey as an injured (former) athlete and his professional experience as a disillusioned strength and conditioning coach. Sharing data and collaborative insights is what motives us to help educate others using the lessons we have learned.

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Dr. Phil Wagner is founder-CEO of Sparta Science, a physician and a strength coach whose own athletic career as a football and rugby player was cut short by a series of avoidable training injuries. Dr. Wagner's commitment to data-driven coaching and athlete development began as a strength coach for U.C. Berkeley and UCLA and as a professional rugby coach in New Zealand and Australia. 

Frustrated by the lack of evidence-based approaches to athletic performance and injury prevention within professional sports, Phil received his medical degree from USC focused on biomechanics. Phil’s passion for protecting athlete health and longevity through injury resilience coupled with his medically-oriented human performance mindset inspired him to found Sparta Science, a movement technology and data science company focused on improving musculoskeletal health. 


The Sparta System uses force plate hardware coupled with AI and machine learning software to deliver body scans that diagnose movement health in seconds. Sparta has helped tens of thousands of elite athletes, tactical athletes (warfighters), fitness clients, and patients reduce injuries and move better with its injury risk diagnostics and personalized movement prescriptions. Nearly a million force trials across over a hundred organizations comprise the Sparta performance and injury database.

The Sparta System

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The Sparta System

Sparta's AI force technology combines software, hardware and data.

Your unique movement pattern with personalized injury insights.

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Why Phil founded Sparta Science.

To eliminate limitations to physical activity for every body.

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Prediction of Lower Extremity Injuries from Vertical Jump Kinetic Data in Collegiate Athletes

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