Fully Integrated System comprised of Software, Hardware and Big Data that instantly Diagnoses and Treats Physical Health

Increase the Physical Readiness of your Workforce

Trusted by 100+ Organizations

Employment Screening

 • Assess readiness for work with a 90-second scan.

 • Predictive database identifies the potential risk   

   of injuries and delivers solutions instantly.

 • Reduce money spent on injuries, surgeries, 

   doctor visits, missed work.

 • Reduced insurance claims by 45% with the 

   Sparta software.

Reduce Costs

 • Machine learning software progresses with each 


 • Proven to reduce injuries by up to 21%.

 • Decrease physician visits by 48% within one 


Protect Employees

Trusted by Experts

Organizations within pro-sports, military units worldwide, and healthcare systems have seen how Sparta Science keeps each individual ready for work.

General Scott Winter,

Australian Army,

(commanding 200,000+ soldiers)

“Sparta has been the scientific glue that brings together adaptable and dynamic teams of Physical Training Instructors, Clinicians and Commanders. We are incredibly thankful for this partnership as we continue to learn from each other."

Jeff Foster

President, NFL Combine

(used at Combine for 4 years)

"It’s not too often that we can find anything that crosses over the performance and the medical."

Chad Arceneaux,

Owner & ATC, UnLock Training,

(training 10,000+ youth athletes)

“We finally have a way to functionally validate our rehab throughout our patient populations with objective measures for both our athletes and workforce that we treat. This information is priceless when determining if they’re ready to return to field or work!”

Dr. Brian Sennett

MD Head Physician & Orthopedic Surgeon, UPENN Medicine

“We can look at different parameters in Sparta and see the profiles that place a person in risk. We have the ability then to put in place a program to appropriately minimize that risk.”

Case Studies





How it Works


The Sparta Scan™️ assesses movement, balance and stability to create an individualized Movement Signature™️. 


Individualized training plans are created to target specific areas to reduce injuries and improve physical performance.


The Sparta Software instantly compares an individuals results to our database to identify strengths and risk of injury.

The Sparta Scan™️

The Sparta System includes force plate hardware coupled with Sparta Scan software that enables quick assessment of a patient’s movement and balance. 

The Jump Scan is a validated movement assessment that measures force production from a vertical jump. The 60-second scan creates a patient report with a Sparta Score and a visual Movement Signature: LOAD, EXPLODE and DRIVE.


The Balance Scan assesses an individual’s static stability on the Left and Right legs. 

Performed while the patient is blindfolded and balancing on one leg, the balance scan determines if an individual is at an increased risk of injury, re-injury or physically able to progress in rehabilitation.


The Plank Scan is a reliable assessment of an individual’s static stability on the Left and Right arms. This determines if an individual is at an increased risk of re-injury or physically able to progress in rehabilitation.

A resilient individual shows sufficient static stability in both medial-lateral and anterior-posterior planes, which helps to protect from injury.


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